eBay Motors Pro Help And FAQs


The eBay Motors Pro website has been designed to be easy to use. As well as small help texts all over the site, there are two other main sources of help.

  • Clicking on these blue icons will show you frequently asked questions relevant to the page you're looking at.
  •  This icon is in the top navigation of all the main pages, and offers quick access to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the eBay Motors Pro help pages are arranged as frequently asked questions, or FAQs. We recommend you review our FAQs before contacting Dealer Support, as we update them regularly to be as useful and up-to-date as possible. The main FAQ sections are below.

Other Sources of Help

If you have any questions about eBay Motors Pro or Classified Ads which are not covered by our help texts and FAQs, our Dealer Support team is ready to help you. You can always contact them using the Contact Us link at the top of all the main pages. The eBay Help pages and Safety Centre may also be useful.

back to topHow do I update my contact information?

You can update your contact information by clicking on ‘Settings’ in your eBay Motors Pro console. To request contact changes navigate to "Contact Details for Enquiries From Potential Buyers" and click on the link "Change Contact Details".

We will review your request and contact you via phone to confirm the changes.

back to topWhat size images do eBay Motors Pro accept?

The maximum image size accepted by eBay Motors Pro is 12 MB. When the image is sent to eBay Motors Pro the image will automatically be resized to fit in your classified ad listing; with a maximum resolution of 1600px width. If your images are larger than 12MB you can either lower the resolution on your camera and re-take the photos or use software to resize your images below 12MB.

There’s lots of software you can download for free or you can use the ‘Paint’ program which is already installed on most PC’s.

  1. On Windows, click on the ‘Start’ menu at the bottom left of your screen
  2. Choose: All Programs > Accessories > Paint
  3. Click on: File > Open.
  4. Then select the image that you wish to resize.
  5. To resize the picture click on: Image > Stretch/Skew.
  6. Then change both Stretch percentages to 50% which will halve the size of your image.
  7. Make sure to save the resized image by clicking on: File > Save As
  8. Then choose the location to save your new resized picture.

Your picture should then be easily uploaded to eBay Motors Pro with no problems.

back to topWhy are my listings not showing on eBay?

The primary reasons for listings not showing on eBay is due to a system called “indexing”. Indexing starts when a new listing is created on eBay Motors Pro until it can be found in search results on www.eBay.co.uk. It is essentially the eBay site deciding where to put your vehicle. This process can take up to 24 hours, depending on how busy the category you are listing your vehicles in is at that time. If a vehicle is indexing, it will not have a “padlock” image beside it in your inventory.

If your vehicle is showing in your eBay Motors Pro inventory with a “padlock” image beside it, that means your listing is not published, or “live” on www.eBay.co.uk. Check the box beside any unpublished listings and then either click the “Publish” button on the top or bottom of the page or choose "Publish" from the “More Actions” menu at the right side in each listing row for a single listing.