Registration & Billing


Section 1: Your contact details

Section 2: Contact details for enquiries from potential buyers

Section 3: Billing


back to top Why do I have to register for eBay Motors Pro?

eBay Motors Pro is a tool designed for UK vehicle dealers to list on eBay and Gumtree Motors. In order to provide this service, we need to confirm your contact details to ensure we have the right information to display to your potential buyers. Read more about eBay's Privacy Policy and Gumtree’s Privacy Policy.

back to top What kind of eBay account will I get when I finish this registration?

You will have an eBay Motors Pro account to list on Gumtree and eBay (depending on your contract terms).

back to top What is the difference between an eBay Motors Pro account, an eBay account and a Gumtree account.

eBay Motors Pro is a tool for professional motor dealers. You need an eBay account to publish ads on eBay and a Gumtree account to publish ads to Gumtree. eBay Motors Pro is the most efficient way to create and publish classified ads on both Bay Motors and Gumtree.

back to top Can I find information concerning my eBay/Gumtree Motors account within eBay Motors Pro?

To find information on your eBay account please go to and log in using your username and password. For instance, click on ‘My eBay’ to check your messages or change your eBay preferences. You can also access the Gumtree console (read access only) if you have signed up to list on Gumtree too.

back to top How do I update my eBay Motors Pro registration information (address data, company name, email address, username)?

You can contact dealer support using the details given under Contact Us.

Section 1: Your contact details

back to top What are my contact details used for?

eBay Motors Pro dealer support will use this information firstly to contact you to activate your account, and later to provide assistance and advice as your business grows on eBay and Gumtree. The contact for the account should be the person responsible for managing eBay listings. Read more about eBay's privacy policy.

back to top Why do I have to enter a company name?

When you have successfully completed the eBay Motors Pro registration, you will be identified as a Business on eBay, and a company name is a necessary requirement for this. In most cases, this will also be your business name across Gumtree too.

Section 2: Contact details for enquiries from potential buyers

back to top Why do I have to provide additional contact information for enquiries from potential buyers?

In many organisations, the individual who advertises vehicles doesn't deal with incoming calls from potential customers, so we enable you to use different contact details for each.

Section 3: Billing

back to top How will my eBay Motors Pro account be charged?

For joint eBay and Gumtree customers, you will receive your first invoice for eBay Motors Pro from Gumtree within the first six weeks. Subsequently, Gumtree will collect your subscriptions fees monthly in arrears by direct debit. Your invoice will contain your eBay Motors Pro charges and the package details.

For customers on an eBay only package, you will continue to be charged and invoiced via eBay Motors Pro. For Customers on a Gumtree only package, you will continue receiving invoices directly from Gumtree.

back to top What payment method can I use to settle my accounts with eBay Motors Pro?

Our standard payment method is direct debit monthly.

back to top Will I get charged for listing more vehicles than my contract allowance?

Yes. In order to be fair to all of our users, you should only list vehicles up to your contracted limit. You will receive warning emails if you go over this and you will be charged an additional fee for each vehicle over your contracted amount.

back to top I have become a paying member of eBay Motors Pro but I would like to cancel. How can I do that?

Please contact dealer support using the details given under 'Contact Us'.