eBay Showrooms

Frequently Asked Questions

back to top What are eBay Showrooms?

eBay Showrooms are a way of showcasing all of your stock on eBay. A link to ‘see all cars’ is on each of your listings and allows prospective buyers to see everything you have to offer including additional services such as finance or repair.

There are two levels of Showroom.

Showroom Plus – included in Plus packages.

This showroom is branded eBay motors Pro and has offers a basic make, model and price search.

Showroom Premium – included in Premium packages.

This showroom gives allows you to create your own dealer branding with images of your own dealership, the opportunity to add a full ‘About Us’ detailing all your additional services, as well as Google Maps integration. Vehicles can be searched within your stock using fuel, gearbox, engine size, colour, year and mileage filters in addition to make, model and price. Also included are links to your social media destinations.

back to top What are the advantages of using an eBay Showroom?

  • Unique, customisable web address: Your showroom will have a unique web address at https://showroom.ebaymotorspro.co.uk/your-company-name. This address can be customised to your needs in the showroom settings.
  • Present your entire inventory on one site: Your entire inventory is displayed to potential buyers in one place.
  • Enhanced branding and contact details: The showroom settings allow customisation of your showroom to your needs.
  • Multiple filter options for potential buyers: Different sort orders (e.g. 'most viewed', 'promoted', 'make' etc.) on the showroom allow potential buyers to quickly find vehicles of interest.
  • Present your dealership: The 'About Us' section allows you to show-case your services and/or your team members with photos.
  • Google Maps integration to find your location: The 'Find Us' tab shows your contact information together with a map including route planning

back to top How do I configure my showroom?

Showroom Plus: No configuration required – eBay Motors Pro takes care of this for you.

Showroom Premium: There will be an extra section under Settings in the eBay Motors Pro dealer console to specify background image, services, 'About Us' text, team member and other showroom features. Contact your account manager to discuss how to benefit from this type of showroom further and for more information.