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back to topWhat is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard reports on the success of your eBay Motors Pro listings published as Classified Ads on eBay. It summarises key information about the listings in your Inventory, such as the number of page views, emails and watchers on eBay, as well as suggestions to improve your success. Additionally, you can download detailed (listing-by-listing) statistics, for a custom date range.

The Dashboard also summarizes key information to help you improve the quality of your listings – highlighting listings which have few photographs or limited descriptive information.

back to topHow often will the statistics of my ads be updated?

Your Dashboard will be updated on a daily basis, and will be accurate until midnight of the previous day.

back to topWhat kind of data is recorded by eBay Motors Pro?

eBay Motors Pro records the following information concerning listings published to eBay: number of page impressions, watchers, emails and pictures per listing.

back to topWhen does eBay Motors Pro first start saving the statistics for my listing(s)?

eBay Motors Pro starts saving statistics the moment you create your first listing. The data for this listing will become available in the Dashboard the following day.

back to topHow long will the recorded data be stored?

Detailed (listing-by-listing) statistics will be stored for 30 days. Afterwards, aggregate data (by day) will be saved for up to 12 months.

back to topI have authorized a third party to upload my listings to eBay. Will my data be recorded nevertheless?

Yes, all your data will be tracked and stored as described above.

Statistical Data

back to topWhat are Page Views?

A page view (also known as a page impression) is a request to load a single page of a web site. On eBay, a page request results from an eBay customer clicking on a link within the list of search results pointing to the page in question, e.g. your Classified Ad on eBay.

back to topWhat is a watcher?

Watchers are registered eBay users who want to keep track of the vehicle you are selling. They have clicked "Watch this item" on the item page, and thus the item appears in their My eBay. The number of watchers tells you how many people seem to be interested in buying your vehicle. Please note that the number of watchers of live listings might decrease as well as increase while a vehicle is published on eBay, as eBay users are able to remove an item from their watchlist.

back to topWhat do the different colours mean in my Dashboard?

The Dashboard uses red to draw your attention to listings whose performance could be significantly improved by adding additional images or further information.

back to topWhat does 'Number of Pictures per Listing' tell me?

The 'Number of Pictures per Listing' measure gives you an overview of the number of pictures you’re using for each listing in your inventory. Listings are grouped into three ranges, according to how many pictures they contain: 3 pictures or fewer, 4-6 pictures, more than 6 pictures. Listings get a quality rating according to the number of pictures they contain. The more pictures there are, the better the rating. If you want to improve listings in the 0-3 (red) and 4-6 (amber) groupings, you should consider adding more pictures to them. Find out more in 'Improve Your Listing(s)'.

back to topWhat does 'Age of Listings' tell me?

'Age of Listings' tells you how long your listings have been saved in your Inventory. Listings are grouped into three age ranges: 0-14 days, 15-30 days, and more than 30 days. If your listing is greater than 15 days old and has not attracted as many potential buyers as you’d like, you should look at it to see what can be done to make the vehicle more attractive. Find out more in 'Improve Your Listing(s)'.

back to topWhat time period is used for the 'Key Figures' shown in my Dashboard?

The 'Page Impressions' and 'Watchers' figures show you data totalled up from the past 30 days. Please note that as these figures are not cumulative, they may go down as well as up, depending on the activity in the 30 days being reported. Also note that the number of 'Watchers' can go down as well as up during the time a listing is published on eBay, since eBay users can remove an item from their watchlist.

Download Your Data

back to topHow do I download the statistical data for one listing?

To download the statistics for an individual listing, firstly, go to your dashboard. Then specify a date range for your report. Your report will be a clearly formatted Excel file. In your file you will see two worksheets. The file will open with the worksheet named 'Listing Detail', the other worksheet is a Summary of performance for all your listings. Click Download and save the file to your computer.

back to topFor what period of time is it possible to download statistical data?

You can either download detailed statistics covering 30 days for single listings or accumulated statistics of your entire account for a selected period of time (within the last 12 months).

back to topI am using Excel to look at my downloaded Dashboard statistics, but the eBay Listing ID isn't displayed properly. How can I fix this?

The eBay download file is an Excel file. Unfortunately, Excel does not always read the eBay listing ID properly. To fix the problem with the eBay Listing ID, you need to change the format of the cells. To do this, select the column titled 'eBay Listing ID'. Then choose the 'Format' from the top menu in Excel and choose the 'Cells' option. In the small 'Format Cells' window that pops up, make sure you can see the 'Number' tab, which contains a list headed 'Category'. Choose 'Number' from this list and you will see more options appear. In the 'Decimal places' section, choose '0', either by typing the number in directly or using the arrows. Finally, click the 'OK' button to confirm the format. The eBay Listing ID should now be in the correct format.

Improve Your Listing(s)

back to topWhy should I add pictures to my listings?

It is important to let potential buyers see pictures of your item when they search and browse. Having the opportunity to inspect the vehicle from different angles builds trust, as potential buyers get to know the product better. The more pictures you add, the higher the chances of selling your vehicle. Vehicles with no pictures at all are at a particular disadvantage on eBay as no preview is shown in a potential buyer’s search results on eBay.

back to topWhy should I add subtitles to my listings?

A subtitle is an additional chance to appeal to potential buyers who are browsing through several vehicles on eBay. It appears underneath an item’s title in search results, and can be used to provide additional information about the vehicle, your business or the services you offer. Adding a good subtitle will significantly increase your chances of your listing being found and sold.

back to topWhat kind of advantages does a detailed description have?

eBay is a very special and unique marketplace, and as such differs greatly from the other advertising channels available for vehicles. In particular, the majority of sellers take the opportunity to provide detailed descriptions about the condition of the items they are selling, as well as several good photographs. Therefore, potential buyers on eBay expect a certain amount of detail.