The best way to advertise your
stock on eBay and Gumtree Motors

Important news for eBay Motors Pro users

Gumtree Motors and eBay are now operating as one business to make it easier and better for motor dealers to advertise across both websites.

Benefit from helpful dealer support and choice of packages to suit all sizes of dealerships from 10 cars to 5,000.

For more information visit our Gumtree for Business website or call our dedicated team of account managers on 0203 966 2700.

Advertising on Gumtree Motors and eBay

Gumtree Motors and eBay are two of the UK's leading motor websites attracting a huge audience of potential buyers browsing cars.

Reach up to 3.7 million motor visitors a month on eBay and 6 million on Gumtree Motors, the UK’s largest online private car marketplace.* * eBay and Gumtree visits data source: As from December 2017. Average per month. Date range: August 2017 – October 2017. eBay and Gumtree data warehouses.
Private marketplace data source: Autobiz Quarterly reports March 2017, Gumtree number of private motor ads is 95,849 compared with its closest competitors at 34,692, 2,382, 2,987 and 0.