What is eBay Motors Pro?

eBay Motors Pro brings classified ads to eBay and Gumtree

With eBay Motors Pro, you can:

  • Advertise your vehicles on two of the UK’s largest motor websites at the same time
  • Experience fast & easy upload of your ads to both eBay and Gumtree
  • Choose from a range of packages to suit every type of dealer — from small to supermarket to franchise
  • Benefit from vehicle history checks across all listings, with an additional full detailed panel* showing vehicle integrity and provenance.
  • Benefit from the new eBay Showrooms and apply the features to Gumtree listings
  • Never miss a call with call tracking and missed call notifications*
  • Enjoy dedicated dealer support

* Plus/Premium customers only

What are eBay classified ads?

Classified ads are about bringing the familiar paper-based classifieds format on to eBay Motors.

Classified ads are in addition to the current auction-style and buy-it-now formats, and will provide you with more options to put your stock in front of millions of potential buyers each month.

With the classified ad format, dealers and buyers do not complete the transaction online through eBay. Instead, you can use classified ads to advertise your vehicles for sale on eBay Motors, and generate multiple leads to your showroom.

The classified ad format is available in cars, motorcycles and other vehicles categories.

Classified ad formats are the only available format type on Gumtree, and can be featured at the top of listings to get even more prominence.

Is eBay Motors Pro right for me?

If you have a number of vehicles that you would like to advertise on eBay Motors and Gumtree, then eBay Motors Pro is the most efficient way to create and publish classified ads for these two websites. You can use your current third-party software or service provider, or quickly create listings one-by-one yourself.

There is an alternative method to create a single classified ad and publish it on eBay Motors. This is done through the normal eBay ‘Sell Your Item’ process, and is how private sellers place classified ads on eBay Motors and Gumtree.

Start advertising with the ‘Sell Your Item’ process..

Depending on the type, age and history of your vehicles, you may find that the auction-style format will achieve the best results for you. eBay´s bidding process means that the price of a vehicle goes up, not down, and that you could sell your vehicles for more than you thought. To list a vehicle in the auction-style format, you need to follow the normal eBay ‘Sell Your Item’ process on eBay.

Start selling in the auction-style format..

If you have any questions about classified ads on eBay Motors and Gumtree, our dedicated dealer support team is ready to assist you.